Some of our specialties

Backed “Provolone” cheese Spaghetti vongole
Eggplant with Parmigiana Spaghetti “Portofino”
Octopus carpaccio Risotto with mushrooms (ceps) and truffle cream
Tartar of tuna or salmon Lasagna with broccoli and pesto
Beef carpaccio with Mozzarella “Burrata” and soncino Sliced entrecote with rucola
Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricota Lamb chops
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese Veal scalope
Carpaccio with fresh salmon Schnitzel with veal or chicken
Penne Giardinetto Fillet of salmon with balsamic
vi negar
Lasagna alla bolognese Fillet of sea bream
a “la Mediterranea”